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  Q-500 Global High Capacity Bulk SMS

The Q-500 Global High Capacity Bulk SMS service allows you to send high volumes of text messages at low cost, in real time. Q-500 is ideal for sending large numbers of messages directly from a database or other content provider application.

Quios offer customers the choice of Intelligent Routing SMS and/or Direct Connection SMS, to ensure customer requirements are catered for.

Intelligent Routing Silver
Quios' Intelligent Routing engine will, within the boundaries of throughput requirements, optimise message routing to minimise your cost, whilst maintaining Quios' high quality standards. The service is unique in that it uses a combination of direct SS7 connection and connections via operators' SMSCs.

Intelligent Routing Platinum
Based on the same Routing engine as the Silver service, our Platinum service will systematically favour performance at any given time (reliability, latency) over cost.

Direct Connections
Quios provides a Direct Connection Service which enables our customers to connect directly to over 80 operators worldwide.

One World One Number
Quios can provide customers with a single global MO number that consumers can use to reply to the customer's application regardless of which carrier the consumer is connected to.

"Direct Connection" is defined as delivery of SMS to a mobile handset via the owners mobile network e.g. a SMS is delivered to a Vodafone UK subscriber via Vodafone UK's SMSC. All Q-500 products offer a range of supported features e.g. flash, full receipting. For a full list of features, including descriptions, visit our Features section.

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